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Cold Air Repair by NEO Amusements

Custom Steps

Custom Steps

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Climbing steps - Contact us today for a quote on a custom climbing cover for your inflatable. Basic pricing is by the square foot. Please calculate the square footage of your step/cover and purchase the number of square feet required. The final price may be adjusted up or down based on the actual dimensions, the number and size of the steps required as well as any other materials or other adjustments required to manufacture your cover. (i.e. Sizes and amounts of hook and look, Curves, extension pieces, flaps, etc.) Once we receive your order we will contact you to get the details of your cover. You can ship an old cover to us for measuring, or if you feel comfortable you can provide us with all the the measurements. (length, width, number, locations and dimensions of steps and handholds, and the types and locations of any hook and loop or any other additional details)

NOTE: We recommend you send us a old cover for measuring. If you provide us with the dimensions and other requirements we will make your cover as specified. We will make the cover using the details you provide and will not be responsible for any errors in the information provided.

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