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Cold Air Repair by NEO Amusements



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Add-A-Vent Water/air release flap - Although many inflatables come with water/air release flaps nowadays, that has not always been the case. If you don't have them on your inflatables you might want to consider them. Think about having them professionally added or purchasing and adding them yourself. Add-A-Zipper deflation flaps and Add-A-Vent-Flap deflation flaps, or water flaps are all worthwhile additions, for many reasons. They allow your units to deflate faster - a couple of minutes on each delivery adds up to a lot of time each season! They allow water to escape - keeping your units dry on the inside is extremely important. Letting water get trapped inside creates the perfect environment for bacteria and mold to grow. They allow you access to the inside of the inflatable - It is important to be able to get inside to clean. Dirt, leaves, remaining water, or whatever else might have gotten inside needs to be removed. They allow you to go inside to place patches - You can also do an invisible patch from the outside. Installation is simple. Just mark, glue, let dry, unzip, and slice! Order one or more "Add-A-Vent" deflation flaps today!

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