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Do you offer repair training?

Yes. We offer repair training in both individual of group settings. Please see out training page for more details.

Turn around time

We try to get everything repaired as quickly as possible, generally a week or less.  During the busy season or over the holidays it may take longer.  If you drop something off and don’t need it back for some time give us a date and we will have it ready by then.  This will also give us more flexibility with other repairs.

Do you offer emergency repairs?

Yes.  We do emergency and after hour repairs.  However, we do charge a premium for these services. Please contact us for further details.

Do you offer On-Site repairs

Yes, we do emergency and after hour repairs.  Please contact us for further details or to make an appointment.

Can we ship our repairs to you?

Yes, you can ship your repairs to us. Please make arrangements in advance.

Can you arrange shipping?

Yes, we work with a lot of carriers and can arrange shipment for you.  Let us know what you have, and how much it weighs and we can take care of the rest.  ALL shipping charges are due before we can pick-up your inflatable.

What does shipping cost?

Unfortunately, there is no set price on shipping.  Everything is based on the weight and location.  However, we can provide you with a a shipping estimate (based on the information you provide) and make the arrangements for you.

Please be aware that if the weights, dimensions, packaging or anything else is not as described the carrier may add additional charges.

How do I schedule a date for a repair?

Please contact us at 330-486-7145 to schedule a date for you to bring your repairs to us.

Note, if you are scheduled to come for a repair we set aside that time for you.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, deposits are required.

  • In house Repairs - There is a minimum of a 1 hour charge per inflatable or 50% if the estimate is over $500
  • On-Site Repairs - Travel fees and per item deposit
  • Custom items - 50%
  • Shipping - Due in full before shipping in or out.

Storage Fees

Yes, we charge storage based on the number of pallet spaces required to store your unit. 

If you know you need something stored please let us know and, if we have room, we can arrange that.

If an item is left more than 2 weeks beyond toe date a repair is completed, we will begin to charge non-prorated monthly storage fees at our current storage rate.