Welcome to Cold Air Repair.  We are your best source for Repairs, Upgrades, and accessories for inflatables of all types and sizes.  We began in 2004 in a small garage and have moved 3 times since then as we outgrew our facilities.

We are currently located in Stow, OH 44224.

We have the experience, equipment and space to handle repairs of all but the largest inflatables.  Bounce Houses, Obstacle Courses, Slides, Combo units, and more.  We can handle them all!

We repair inflatables from all manufacturers including E-Inflatables, Space Walk, HEC, Moon-Walker, Inflatable Depot, Cutting Edge, Jolly Jump, and others.

If it is fixable we can fix it!


Fall 2018

We are moving again.  We are planning to be moving to a new building sometime late spring or early summer 2020.  In the mean time we are located in Stow, OH 44224.

2011 we moved to our current location.  5000 sq/ft, 2 truck doors, and 20′ ceilings for all but the largest inflatables.

2007 moved into our first commercial building.  With 2500 sq/ft it was a huge improvement.

2006 Moved to the barn and more than doubled the space to about 1300 sq/ft.

2004 in our 600 sq/ft garage